VR controller for mobile against Google Daydream

Google announced VR Head Mount Display and controller Daydream View for smartphones this month. Against to it, Japanese mobile game company Wonder League started a development project of VR controller Vroom for smartphones in Kicskstarter. A point of this is to intend for both iPhone and android smartphones although it is same as concept of google's Daydream, and you can use it in combination with the VR Head Mount Display which other companies release. In addition, Vroom Project develops a VR motion controller and makes it the open source. They contribute SDK and assets which supports Unity to developers. It have three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetometer, and users operate it in two buttons and eight directional key. The size is 35mm*140mm*17mm, and weight in about 50g. It works more than 12 hours in two alkali dry batteries of the AAA size.

They release this in the spring of 2017, and you can support it from 3 dollars in Kicskstarter. if you want the physical VR controller, it is necessary to support it more than 38 dollars. Project page is here.


Aroma diffuser which can carry fragrances

The fragrances are effective to refresh a feeling. If we can carry aroma diffuser anytime and carry favorite fragrances, it will be convenient. Sony realized it. They released stick type aroma diffuser AROMASTIC which could carry five kinds of fragrances.

When users attach the cartridge of fragrances to this and push the button of the body side, fragrances scatter it to a flow of the air from the tip of this. However, the fragrances disappear instantly when users take a finger off the button. Because fragrances do not spread, users can use it various places such as the train or office. Essential oil derived from the natural plant which British cosmetics brand NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES supervised is used for fragrances. Cartridges of fragrances are three kinds of "for Basic", "for Beauty" and "for Business", and each contains five kinds of fragrances. The size is about 25mm *86mm and weight is 33g. It has lithium ion battery and works about one charge for one month. The price is 8,980 yen, and the price of cartridges are 2,280 yen ~ 2,780 yen.


Cases for iPhone 7 which an LED light turns on without batteries

Though printed circuit board is used in places that do not meet the eye usually, its design is beautiful. How about if we can carry it? Printed circuit board maker Denshi-Gihan released iPhone 7/7 Plus cases utilized its beauty. Besides, they have an LED light turning on without batteries. A characteristic of this is to express X-WING (Star Wars) and Tokyo train map by an exact design while being circuit board.

They adopted technique called PAD ON VIA used in high density printed circuit board to realize it, and made them with a manufacturing method same as genuine printed circuit board. In addition, LED light converts the electric wave which iPhone emits into electricity, and turns on by up-converting it. But it does not always turn on and turns it on at random only when iPhone emits a strong electric wave. Now, they are applying for a patent about this structure now. Prices are 14,040 yen ~ 17,280 yen and the color variations are green, black and white. More photos are here.


You can check locking up with a sensor

When you go out, have you worried about the locking of the house? This "leafee mag" monitors the locking of windows or doors by sensors. This is comprised of the main sensor, magnet and mobile application, and the sensor recognizes the distance from a magnet and monitors the open/shut of windows or doors.

For example, if you want to monitor a window, you bond a sensor and a magnet to key lever and sash, then you can use them immediately. The sensor and the mobile application link by Bluetooth, and the application acquires the information of sensors in background. Because you can check the state of sensors when you go out. In addition, these will help prevent a door from being forgotten to close if you bond these to a refrigerator or a air-conditioner. The sensor works by one coin battery for about six months. Startup Strobo is going to release this in November and does pre-sale in crowd funding platform Makuake. They already collected aim amounts of money, but you can still purchase this in 1,480yen - 7,480yen courses. The prevailing price is 1,980yen(Tax not included).

Crowd funding page is here


This Bluetooth speaker floats, spins and glows

KEN LLP started pre-sale of wireless air speaker "LEVI SOUND" that link with smartphones in crowd funding platform Green Funding.

The globe speaker has a neodymium magnet, controlled by a computer, floating from a base part and keeping balance. Furthermore, it sticks to every metal moiety by a magnet. Of course the specifications as the speaker do not have any problem. It has a full-range speaker of max power 3W and decreases a distortion and vibration by being floating in the air. The sound frequency band is 40Hz - 20KHz, coverage area is 10m, the battery is 500mAh and operates for up to eight hours. KEN LLP has already collected about five times of the aim amount of money in crowd funding and two courses that one LEVI SOUND and special bonus were combined were sold out. However, courses of 13,800yen - 128,000yen that you can buy LEVI SOUND still stay.

Crowd funding page is here